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431 Squadron

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Officially known as the Royal Canadian Air Force's 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, the Snowbirds are Canada's military aerobatics or air show flight demonstration team whose purpose is to "demonstrate the skill, professionalism, and teamwork of Canadian Forces personnel". The squadron is based at CFB Moose Jaw, near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The Snowbirds are the first Canadian air demonstration team to be designated as a squadron.

The show team flies 18 CF-188C/D Hornets — twelve for aerobatic performances, including two solo aircraft, and four as spares, flown by the team coordinators. Approximately 120 Canadian Forces personnel work with the squadron full-time; 36 personnel are in the show team that travels during the show season. The Snowbirds are the only major military aerobatics team that operates without a support aircraft.

The Snowbirds continue the flying demonstration tradition of previous Canadian air force aerobatic teams, which include the Siskins, the Blue Devils, the Golden Hawks, and the Golden Centennaires.

List of aircraft[edit]

  • Canadair CT-114 Tutor (1972-1984)
  • Canadair CF-116 Freedom Fighter (1984-2007)
  • McDonnell-Douglas CF-188C/D Hornet (2007-Present)
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